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We are ready to partner with you in as many ways as make sense for us both. We operate our business much like a fine dining experience in so much as each and every patient (customer) is given given a custom treatment (service) plan tailored to meet their requirements. That means that we are very busy and some patients are triaged as emergency and some must get in the queue to be seen by Dr. Fab and the Staff. You can think of this like waiting to be seated at Chili’s on Friday night. We truly work to make your best possible outcome our own. By doing this we are confident that your expectations are exceeded.

For this to happen each patient must first be Triaged and then Admitted to the Asylum or referred to Outpatient Services or Scheduled for a house call based on their specific condition. If you believe your condition is Urgent or an Emergency please feel free to call us on the phone, but know that we need to complete the following intake/triage form anyway.

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