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Welcome to Fabricated insanity! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Encompassing Design to Production, our solution cost-effectively delivers world-class customer service, attention to detail, and the insanely high standards for design, quality, craftsmanship, and engineering. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our History View Projects



Our Design Thinking & CAD Services team leverages the best technology and above average experience to bring concrete detail to your case, we design your CUSTOM TREATMENT through a WORLD Proven system and document that plan with Parametric CAD drawings. Once your concept or requirement is completed we ask you to sign off on it before its sent to engineering to make sure we are on the way to wellness. If you need changes no problem.



Our Engineers then refine the Approved Design, and add the science to the plan, and create the TREATMENT, which is metaphorical again as its the process of HOW we are going to get you WELL. Your TREATMENT is evaluated for is practical requirements as well as quality, potential failure, scalability, serviceability and more. Once again we ask you to evaluate and CONSENT to TREATMENT.



The fabrication and production team then FOLLOW the TREAMENT PLAN. We build your prototype or production run at this step. Quality control and engineering checks are built into the process here to ensure your wellness (outcome).



Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at the Asylum. Your wellness is just the first step. Achieving your desired outcome is just the beginning. Step 4 addresses a real neurosis most people suffer from. A mild form of Insanity. What’s the most common definition of insanity? Most agree with Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The treatment for this is INNOVATION and most people/companies are not good at it. They struggle because they are too busy working “IN” the business to be in a position to work “on” the business. Our Innovation and Patent services team provides a comprehensive service that inspires and enables your business to capitalize on ideas, your ideas and even some of ours! In short we help you grow.



So, you may ask. “Why does a fabrication company offer networking services?” The founder has a background in both computer networking and technical recruiting. Networking is natural and is the lifeblood of business fundamentally. Another neurosis so to speak is a failure to network. We have proven treatments for wellness here too. Connecting IS part of wellness…it IS your business (outcome) and our core mission.



Now you may be thinking. “Ok wait a minute. You mean your going to market for us too?” Yes. We do not provide treatment unless we are confident the patient’s wellness can be obtained. That means that we BELEIVE in your WELLNESS (outcome/business) so much so that we always get excited about it. We automatically celebrate your wellness LOUDLY and this generates attention and more WELLNESS.



Not to be confused with DRIVE (which we have a n unlimited supply), Derivation Services are just that another specific TREATMENT for another neurosis most businesses have. So what is it? It’s when we fail to see opportunities to branch and derive new business opportunities from existing business. Sometimes, more often than not we are so hyper focused on CORE competencies that we fail to diversify. Diversification is the WELLNESS we seek in this final step. And it comes from the Derivation Services team. More on this later as it’s a new service we offer.



The world needs a cost-effective design to production fabrication service. The vision is to create a fabrication campus called “The Asylum” which will essentially be “Disneyland for Makers”. This facility will be home to an elite team of fabricators.

Essentially this “problem” that we have identified in the maker space is the segmentation of the work across multiple firms. An innovator or inventor might hire 3 to 5 different professional service organizations to get from idea to prototype… and usually the firm that builds the prototype is not equipped to goto a production run. While there are firms that do more than one step of the process and that cater to each customers need, there isn’t one that comprehensively delivers end to end.

This is a high level view of the stages of a product life-cycle.



Fabricating Components

Prototyping & Assembly

Testing & Product Development

Production Runs

The idea is far from insane, and the conceptual metaphor to mental illness in just a playful yet practical way to illustrate the ideas at work here. Dr. Fab is the leader and founder of the asylum’s mission to care (provide services) to treat (deliver) solutions to patients (customers). It is also interesting that this psychological metaphor plays nicely to our quality of service goals and service excellence requirements. Our mission is to deliver this unparalleled comprehensive service on a 100% satisfaction guaranteed basis. Don’t get us wrong, some will abuse that, but honesty those are the patients who’s indications are essentially untreatable. (unprofitable) and therefore are released from care (service).





We make nearly anything and everything, any material, any process.


We have inpatient, and outpatient services. We even make house calls. This means we can serve you in the most convenient or economical way needed.


We can create anything or modify anything to your requirements. We know what custom means.


From powder-coating to Complete Authentic Restoration we take ATTENTION TO DETAIL to an INSANE LEVEL


Even though we are far more than a welding and fabrication company. We have experienced welders and fabricators with diverse backgrounds. All metals and all processes.


We are an IMPACT FOCUSED company. That means we are highly focused on the IMPACT our work has on the world at large. This goes beyond even the GREEN THINKING, but more to REAL IMPACT on higher magnitudes.

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Custom treatments for all.

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We can make almost anything, we work with all materials and all processes.

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